Cuba Gooding Junior Accused Of Additional Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Cuba Gooding Junior Accused Of Additional Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct
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Cuba Gooding Junior is in more trouble. Reportedly, Cuba has been accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women in total following a fresh batch of allegations.

Documents obtained by TMZ state that Mr. Cuba Gooding Junior has been accused of raucous behavior on a number of occasions, including lewd comments, touching, and forcible kissing. Reportedly, the actor was accused of trying to kiss a girl while at the Sundance Festival in 2009.

According to the unnamed woman, she tried to push him away after reminding him he was married, however, he then grabbed her buttocks and subsequently ripped her clothing. Additionally, Cuba supposedly grabbed another woman in 2011 and told her he could "ruin" her.

Moreover, in 2018, the actor jokingly demanded a woman to pee on him in Malibu, California. The documents claim the actor told her to pee on him, sit on his face, and pee all over his body, on more than one occasion across a time span of two years.

Followers of the case know this isn't the first time Cuba has been accused of lewd conduct. The allegations from seven different women come after he was already indicted on criminal charges for groping and other inappropriate behavior.

Although, the new allegations against him haven't brought additional charges. Mark Heller, the actor's lawyer, previously stated to TMZ that his client wanted the indictment tossed out of court. Mark claimed such allegations can sometimes happen to celebrities in the public eye.

As it was previously reported, in October of this year, additional footage appeared to show Cuba touching the backside of a woman who had accused him of assault. Another video showed him supposedly reaching across a table to grab a woman's breast.

Natasha Ashworth, the waitress who worked at TAO nightclub in New York City where the incident purportedly took place, hasn't spoken with the press. The court case stirred additional controversy as well for the tweets shared by one of the accusers, which the defense used as proof of the woman's purported strained mental state.

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