Court TV Returns And Puts The Jodi Arias Trial, O.J. Simpson And More On Demand

Court TV Returns And Puts The Jodi Arias Trial, O.J. Simpson And More On Demand
Credit: Source:: Jodi Arias/MySpace

If you watched the infamous trials of Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman or Jodi Arias you most likely did it on Court TV. True crime junkies were shocked when Court TV went off the air and took their live-streaming coverage with them. Television personalities such as Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell were associated with the HLN network as well as Court TV and their viewership was continually viral. When Court TV went off the air, many true crime junkies turned to social media sites and YouTube in order to gain access to the crime news that was shaping the world. Well now, Court TV is back (check your local television guide for channels) and they also have an app. The Court TV app is putting some of the most infamous criminal trials on demand: Jodi Arias, O.J. Simpson, and more are planned.

The newly revived Court TV is already bringing coverage to the R. Kelly case and should the trial be open to the public (as it is expected) it is highly likely that Court TV will cover it.

Those who watched Court TV will see many familiar faces on the channel: Vinnie Politan is back and Beth Karas recently returned to bring live coverage and weigh in on new cases.

Currently, Court TV is in Pinellas County, Florida following the Michael Drejka trial. The case is one that has sparked national protests and resulted in Al Sharpton weighing in and speaking out. On July 19, 2018, Michael Drejka approached a vehicle that had parked in a handicapped parking spot but didn't have a handicapped placard displaying from their rearview mirror.

Michael Drejka approached the vehicle and spoke to the woman driver, Britany Jacobs. Her boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton was inside a convenience store but came out when he heard the commotion. Upon approaching Michael Drejka who was speaking to Britany Jacobs, Markeis pushed him to the ground. Drejka then took out his gun and fired.

Drejka claimed it was stand-your-ground, but civil rights activists and groups argued that Markeis had walked away when Drejka drew fire. The case has caused some to call for an overhaul in Florida's stand your ground laws. The Reverend Al Sharpton attended a Clearwater, Florida rally after the shooting incident.

Are you a fan of Court TV? Are you going to follow the Michael Drejka and R. Kelly trials? Will you watch the Jodi Arias and O.J. Simpson trials on demand?


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