Counting On Star Joy-Anna Duggar Offers Rare Glimpse Of Baby Gideon Amid Rumors Of Baby No 2

Counting On Star Joy-Anna Duggar Offers Rare Glimpse Of Baby Gideon Amid Rumors Of Baby No 2
Credit: Source: TLC

Unlike the rest of her Counting On siblings, Joy-Anna Duggar tends to shy away from social media, especially when it comes to showing off her new baby, Gideon. That all changed last Friday when Duggar shared new photos of her adorable son and husband, Austin Forsyth, as they worked on kitchen renovations inside one of their homes.

"I love getting to tile… especially with these cuties!" Duggar captioned a series of photos.

The first pic featured Forsyth hard at work while the next two photos were of Duggar holding her son.

Counting On fans naturally reacted positively to the Instagram post and complimented Duggar for having such a beautiful family.

The photos, meanwhile, indicate that Duggar and Forsyth are having some success at flipping houses. Last year, the couple purchased a home for $70,000, which they sold last summer for around $140,000.

It is unclear if the kitchen renovations were part of another flip, but the two are clearly moving up in the real estate business.

It is also good to see that they family is living in an actually home. Last summer, fans suspected that Duggar and Forsyth were living out of an RV after she posted photos of herself inside of one.

Duggar had her first child with Forsyth last February. The Counting On star has been fighting pregnancy rumors ever since, though the latest photos indicate that she still is not expecting.

The pregnancy speculation is nothing new for the Duggars. The family is well-known for having babies as soon as they get married, and they usually do not stop at one.

Jessa Duggar just revealed she is pregnant with baby no 3.

In fact, fans have been wondering if Jill Duggar is pregnant after rocking baggy clothes on social media. Lauren Swanson is also facing baby bump rumors now that she is married to Josiah Duggar.

Nothing official has been confirmed, so fans will have to wait this one out until we discover which member of the Duggar family gets pregnant next.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will return in new episodes of Counting On later this year on TLC.


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