Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar 's Husband Derick Dillard As 'Selfish And Ungrateful'

Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar 's Husband Derick Dillard As 'Selfish And Ungrateful'
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Derick Dillard is on the heat seat yet again. Fans heavily criticized the former Counting On star after he seemingly failed to post anything about his wife on Mother's Day. In response, Dillard told fans that he had written a post in honor of his wife — he had just neglected to share it on social media.

"I did make a happy Mother’s Day post for my mom and wife on my blog," Dillard shared.

Dillard apparently wrote a lengthy post on his blog that was dedicated to his mother and wife. It is unclear why he did not share the post on social media, but he hinted that he did not want to stir up any drama.

Dillard, of course, is no stranger to criticism. Some of the negativity he has received has been well deserved — like the time he lashed out at Jazz Jennings — while some of it has been less than reasonable.

When it comes to his lack of a Mother's Day post, we do have to give Dillard some props for trying to make it right. Following the backlash, Dillard posted a photo of his wife, Jill Duggar, on Instagram, thanking her for being such an amazing mother over the years.

"Happy Mother’s Day, Jill! I always enjoy our weekly sushi date … and really any other time I’m blessed to spend with you!" he wrote.

Although the tribute to Duggar was a nice gesture, it hardly makes up for Dillard's questionable past. According to The Hollywood Gossip , Dillard's controversial comments on social media prompted TLC to boot him from Counting On .

Once Duggar opted to leave the show out of support for her husband, they no longer had a reliable source of income for their family. This is one reason why fans are so hard on Dillard on social media and why that probably won't stop anytime soon.

Duggar has yet to respond to the criticism Dillard faced over Mother's Day. Despite all of the backlash, it looked like Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar spent some quality time together over the holiday, which is really all that matters.


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