Constance Wu Under Fire For Cryptic Tweets Fans Believe Are About 'Fresh Off The Boat' Renewal

Constance Wu Under Fire For Cryptic Tweets Fans Believe Are About 'Fresh Off The Boat' Renewal
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ABC renewed Fresh Off The Boat on Friday, but cryptic Tweets from Constance Wu have fans questioning whether is pissed about the comedy getting picked up for another season.

It could merely be a coincidence of timing. Not long after the renewal was announced, the actress took to Twitter to post how disappointed and mad she was about something. Wu wrote several posts full of expletives making her anger apparent to all of her followers.

"So, upset right now that I'm literally crying. Ugh F&%k" the actress Tweeted first, which was quickly followed by a "F--king Hell."

Those two posts are not enough to solidify the actress was upset her show got picked up again. However, when one fan responded to one of Wu's Tweets indicating it was good news FOTB was returning, she replied "No. It's not!"

Once the last remark began catching the eye of her followers, it was quickly assumed Wu was upset about the sitcom. She would have to put her burgeoning movie career on hold for the comedy.

The actress is under contract with ABC, but if it would have been canceled, then the starlet could have solely focused on making movies.

Furthermore, outlets like Entertainment Weekly have confirmed Wu commented "dislike" on the official Instagram page for the renewal. She later tried to do an about-face by Tweeting her followers had no idea what he or she was referencing in her previous posts, which have now been deleted.

"That was not a rampage, it was just how I normally talk. I say fuck a lot. I love the word. Y'all are making a lot of assumptions about what I was saying. And no, it's not what it's about. No, it's not..what this is all about. Stop assuming," she stated to her followers, before sending another Tweet expressing her love for the cast and crew, as well as revealing she is thrilled to continue with FOTB .

However, it might be too little too late. Despite Wu backtracking and now claiming she is thrilled for the show's renewal, fans are not happy with Constance Wu, and it could affect the upcoming season.

Reps for 20th Century Fox, which produces the show and ABC have not yet responded to Wu's Tweet, but fans minds are made up. Her posts have fans believing she is pissed she has to go back to work on TV, now that she found success in movies with Crazy Rich Asians . Their anger could cause ratings to plunge in the fall.

What do you think is really going on?


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