Cole Sprouse Pays Tribute To 'Passionate' Luke Perry Two Weeks After His Tragic Passing

Cole Sprouse Pays Tribute To 'Passionate' Luke Perry Two Weeks After His Tragic Passing
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While on Busy Philipps’ late night talk show, Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse remembered his co-star Luke Perry who sadly lost his life at the age of only 52, on March 4. He paid a beautiful and touching tribute to the late actor.

Cole was on the late night show to promote his new movie Five Feet Apart and while there, he talked about Perry as well, saying some heartbreaking things about the type of person he was.

The 90s heartthrob suffered a severe stroke five days before he lost the fight.

‘Is there one thing that you learned from Luke that you will hold on to forever?’ Busy asked Cole.

The young actor said that ‘We were very close to him. In the 26 years, I have been doing this, he's a person I've never heard a bad thing said about, which is an impressive thing the longer you are in this.’

And since Five Feet Apart co-star Haley Lu Richardson was sitting right next to him, Cole proceeded to exemplify something about Perry on her.

He put his hand close to her face and went on to explain: ‘But he had a way of speaking that he would just get close to your face, and you'd think it would put your guard up, but you let your guard down.’

‘And he was very passionate in the way he spoke. Everything he talked about, every topic that he jumped to, was just beautiful and passionate thing that he had to say about it. We are all going to miss him a lot, but we do respect the privacy of the family.’


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