Close Friend Of Azealia Banks Does A Welfare Check After Her Suicide Insinuations

Close Friend Of Azealia Banks Does A Welfare Check After Her Suicide Insinuations
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On her Instagram account this week, Azealia Banks dropped a number of messages that has her fans concerned . Banks took to her IG this Sunday to share a series of messages that appeared to insinuate she was going to take her own life.

She wrote in the first post, "yeah, I think I'm done here," before going on to comment on the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Banks cited the lack of social interaction, lack of intimacy, as well as the "constant public ridicule."

She went on to say that her "tenure here on the earth" would come to an end. In another post, the 29-year-old performing artist claimed she wasn't trying to get attention or sympathy. Banks claims she is going to document the last moments of her life that way everyone understands her from her own perspective.

You can check out what fan had to say in response to it below:

Furthermore, Banks wrote more posts in which she claimed a close friend of hers went to speak to her. She said she was going to "push through these next couple months."

It's not clear what Banks is going to do, but it's clear she has her fans and friends worried. The last time we heard from Banks, she was taking pleasure in another person's misfortune, that being the problems of Nick Cannon.

Banks took to her social media account a few weeks back to suggest her voodoo tricks may have played a role in Cannon's firing from ViacomCBS. Fans of the performing artist know Banks has held a grudge against Nick ever since she was mocked on Wild'N'Out.

Amid the news of Nick's firing, Banks took to her account to say that her voodoo was just starting to "kick in." On her account, she wrote, "That's what I'm talking about n*ggas!"

In case you missed it, Nick Cannon was fired from Wild'N'Out earlier this year after he agreed with Professor Griff regarding a number of anti-semitic comments he had made in the late 1980s. Azealia obviously wasn't displeased with the news, in fact, she claims her voodoo facilitated it.

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