Donald Trump Jr Claims Kimberly Guilfoyle Is The Leader In Their Romance

Donald Trump Jr Claims Kimberly Guilfoyle Is The Leader In Their Romance
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According to Donald Trump Junior , Kimberly Guilfoyle is the boss in their relationship. This past week, Page Six reported, Donald and Kim were at their Bridgehampton home fundraiser along with 50 other people priced at $2,800 per ticket.

The dinner after the Hamptons Trump Victory fundraiser cost $20,000. Page Six claims they have sources who witnessed Donald Trump Junior saying how Kim was "the boss" in their romance.

He said she was not only in charge of the direction of their romance, but she has also been making all of the decisions regarding the decoration of their home together. Sources who spoke with Page Six claim the home costs $4.4 million and it's filled with "ruffles and pastel colors."

Sources also say Trump Junior told the crowd that Guilfoyle was up all night making phone calls to various people until 1:30 am. Donald Junior says he often waits for her to finish work for the day until he can go to bed.

Before the spectator, Trump Jr claims he had to ask his girlfriend who she was talking to on the phone in the early hours of the morning, and Kim said to him that she was speaking with donors in Los Angeles. Reportedly, stars such a Jean Shafiroff and Ramona Singer were all present for the fundraiser.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is supposed to appear at another event at the house very soon. Earlier this week, Donald Junior's father, Donald Trump, was in the headlines after he reportedly signed an executive order to send out more aid to American citizens.

Donald Junior, like his father, has certainly encountered his own controversies over the last few years. For instance, it was reported back in June of this year that Howard Stern put Donald Junior on blast for sharing an old sketch in which Stern was wearing blackface.

Reportedly, the sketch comes from 1993, and Howard wasn't happy about it . In addition to wearing blackface, Howard said the "n-word" over and over again. It's been presumed that Donald Junior shared the sketch in response to Howard regarding the Trump family.


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