Claudia Oshry Gets Candid About Her Own Experience Being Assaulted By Cuba Gooding Jr.

Claudia Oshry Gets Candid About Her Own Experience Being Assaulted By Cuba Gooding Jr.
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Claudia Oshry is speaking out against Cuba Gooding Jr., detailing her own alleged experience of being assaulted by the actor. The comedian opened up about it during the latest episode of her The Morning Toast podcast.

This took place just one day before Cuba appeared in court over similar accusations from another woman and pleaded not guilty of misconduct.

Now, Oshry is getting candid about the experience via ET after the story started trading.

‘I was a senior in high school back in 2012. I was at a club with a few of my closest friends. We were at a table when I felt somebody inappropriately touch me. I turned around and Cuba Gooding Jr. was there hysterically laughing. I was just mortified. I was genuinely confused. Nobody had touched me without my consent before,’ she recalls.

The comic went on to say that ‘I wasn’t planning on turning around and seeing a celebrity, just your average New York City degenerate. The whole thing happened so fast, it was just the weirdest thing ever.’

As for the reason why she did not report him to the police, Oshry explained that she was simply scared of getting in trouble with the law herself since she was ‘at a club while underage and also using a fake ID.’

But, apparently, she did tell her family members and friends at the time.

On her podcast, she also dished on why she decided to expose him now, after so many years, the standup comedian saying that ‘I figured the best revenge would be to leverage my platform so everyone knows what a creep Cuba Gooding Jr. is.’

She then mentioned that she had been referencing the story in her stand-up routines for a long time and that, at least five different people came up to her to say they went through a similar thing with the actor.

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