Ciara Takes Russell Wilson On Wild Oscar Nights -- Dazzling Photos Make Marriage Look Easy

Ciara Takes Russell Wilson On Wild Oscar Nights -- Dazzling Photos Make Marriage Look Easy
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Ciara is already doing Oscar nights with her husband, Russell Wilson, and looking marvelous while at it.

The diva took to social media and she posted a few dazzling photos where she is wearing a little black dress that turned heads.

As for Russell, he decided to color coordinate his outfit with his wife and debuted a new bearded look. Ciara captioned the photos: "#Oscar Weekend Nights."

One fan said they make marriage look easy and added: "@ciara & @dangerusswilson make marriage look so good! It’s a beautiful thing to share real love! The kind of love Mary J. was talking about. 🙏🔥"

Another person wrote: "Love these two together most beautiful couple out there right now. I just love you two because every time I see your Instagram videos you two are always happy and having a great time with the kids keep it up!!!!! @Ciara. What am I doing wrong in the gym? My calves are so far off 🤔."

In a recent interview, Ciara announced that she is launching her own company and music label called Beauty Marks Entertainment.

She revealed: "The idea of ownership is really important to me and that’s what this phase is about. It’s truly about, let’s really build things to where it can last for a really long time, and I can really reap the full benefits of my labor," she stated. "I’ve been in systems and the way the deals are typically structured for us artists; we don’t really get to reap the full financial benefits of our labor. I love what I do. I wake up every day excited to do what I do, even during the toughest times. But at the same time, it’s like, let’s make economic sense of it all as well."

Ciara added: "Never give up and keep believing in yourself. There were so many times where I have heard "No" and I feel like that if I had listened, I wouldn't be here today. Set goals. There's something to the power of manifestation. I'm actually planning to do my next chapter sheet again, where I take a moment to write down the goals I want to accomplish -- and writing down is huge because you start to give yourself a compass on where you're trying to get. I really believe you can't get anywhere in life without a compass. Speak it into the universe, write it down and then follow up!"

Ciara is still making big moves.

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