Ciara Reveals Her Real Hair In Sassy Video And Some Fans Are Angry For This Reason

Ciara Reveals Her Real Hair In Sassy Video And Some Fans Are Angry For This Reason
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Ciara has decided to reveal her real long and gorgeous hair to the world for the first time and fans are both in awe and a bit angry at her. Russell Wilson's wife is eager to start a new movement with her Beauty Marks company.

Late last week, the diva decided to bare it all by posting a picture where she is wearing no makeup and removed her hair extensions. However, the singer had her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail.

Over the weekend, the talented singer and dancer opted to complete the process by unveiling her stunning natural hair.

She explained how her hair got damaged in the first place: "The first time I got a relaxer when I was young, it took out my hair. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud ❤️."

Fans are thrilled that Ciara is flaunting her inches, but they just want her to release a book with the prayers that led to Russell and her happy life.

One supporter stated: "That's why I am conflicted about praising #MadameCJwalker because she became the first black female self-made millionaire... At the expense of generations of black women believing that something was wrong with their natural hair and that it needed to be "fixed." This is what happens when you love yourself. She needs to write a book of prayers!!! Hair prayer, husband prayer, legs for days prayer!"

This fan told the mother of two: "All of you don’t properly take care of your hair and love to blame relaxers🙄. You can have relaxers and still have healthy hair.
If she stayed with Future, she would be bald from stress, get you a Russell and put your wigs in the drawer."

This Instagram user praised Ciara and begged for the prayers: "No disrespect cuzzo... but I don't care about your hair right now.... tell me how to get God to answer my prayers for a Russell 2.0 😭😭😭We need the prayer for hair growth & getting a 🤴🏾, write a book fam😊"

Another supporter wrote: "The hair length of someone who was blessed with a husband like hers. We’re glad your hair is growing, but the only secrets we need is the prayer you said when you asked God for a real MAN."

Ciara is building her own niche.

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