Chrissy Teigen Calls For The New York Times To Bring Back Alison Roman's Column

Chrissy Teigen Calls For The New York Times To Bring Back Alison Roman's Column
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Chrissy Teigen and Alison Roman's feud on social media was all the rage over the last week. In case you missed it, Roman did an interview in which she slammed Chrissy's approach to her culinary business , including her recent product launches, Instagram profile, and her website.

For instance, Roman said the way she had gone about crafting her culinary career wasn't something she would "aspire too." After Chrissy caught wind of what Alison had to say, she responded by claiming that everything she heard was incredibly hurtful.

Later, Roman apologized in a lengthy Instagram post in which she took responsibility 100% for what she said. Alison said it wasn't right for her to use other people's careers to contrast against her own.

She described her comments toward Chrissy as "careless," and "flippant," and added that it was a shame that she chose to take another woman down in the industry rather than trying to build her up. At that point, however, it was too little too late.

The New York Times reportedly dropped Alison's column. Soon after, Page Six reported, Chrissy actually came out to say that she didn't support the removal of Roman's column in the popular newspaper. You can check out one of these posts from Chrissy below:

According to Teigen, she never called them and asked to have Roman's column removed. Alison was merely expressing her opinion, and it was "very real," Chrissy remarked. She added that she didn't approve of what the New York Times did to her, and more importantly, she'd like to see Alison back.

Teigen said in another tweet that she hoped she and Alison would be able to laugh about it someday, and also reiterated the statement above, that being that she thinks the New York Times made the wrong decision.

Chrissy also noted that she has been "blamed" for Roman's temporary hiatus. As it was previously reported, The Times confirmed this Tuesday that Alison's column was  suspended, although, they never revealed the precise reason. In fact, it may have been motivated by something else entirely.

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