Chris Stapleton And His Wife Welcomed Their Fifth Child

Chris Stapleton And His Wife Welcomed Their Fifth Child
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According to a report from, Chris Stapleton is now a father of not one but five children. The 41-year-old singer-songwriter just welcomed their fifth baby into the world with his wife, Morgane Stapleton.

Shared on Instagram on Mother's Day, Morgane insinuated it was an exceptionally happy day for her due to the birth of her child. The star posted a photo in which the finger of a newborn baby could be seen, but she didn't announce its name or its sex.

"I wish all you Mama's the happiest of days today," the star wrote on the platform. People to congratulate Morgane included Rita Wilson, Kree Harrison, Liz Rose, Lucie Silvas, as well as Margo Price. Price, in particular, wrote that she was sending all seven of them - including the mother and father- love on Mother's Day.

As it was previously reported, Stapleton and Morgane are currently the parents to three sons, two of whom are twins that were born last year in April of 2018. The couple got married in May 2007 and they discussed their relationship with the New York Times in April 2017.

Chatting with The Times, Stapleton said they're married so they're continuously working at holding one another accountable for their actions. "We can lift each other up on bad nights," Chris added, before going on to also say they sometimes wink at each other when they've screwed up or done something funny.

Stapleton is most famous for tracks like "Millionaire," "Broken Halos," and "Traveller." The last record he released was in December 2017, From A Room: Volume 2 . Chris won a Grammy Award for Best Country Album for his 2017 record.

As it was noted above, the last time Chris and Morgane were in the news was due to the birth of their twin boys in April 2018. Sources say the couple is probably going to stop having kids now with their fifth being the last.

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