Chris Brown Is Labeled As 'King Petty' After His Clothing Company 'Black Pyramid' Sells These Shirts

Chris Brown Is Labeled As 'King Petty' After His Clothing Company 'Black Pyramid' Sells These Shirts
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Chris Brown's clothing company started selling some pretty original T-shirts following the rape scandal that the singer has been involved in lately. Here's The Shade Room's post below.

The Shade Room posted 'It looks like Chris Brown is turning the entire situation in Paris into some coins. His clothing like #BlackPyramid is selling “This B**** Lyin’” shirts Paris Edition.'

TSR refreshed readers' minds: 'If you didn’t know about the tea, a woman accused Chris of sexually assaulting her while he was in Paris. Chris was shortly detained, then let go with no charges pressed. He is now suing the woman for defamation of character and looks like he’s going to turn the entire situation into some shmoney for himself! Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.'

Someone commented 'This is too problematic and only encourages women to not come forth,' while another follower said that 'He doing too much now. He's already suing for defamation.'

One person liked the idea and said 'As they should. I would put her face on the shirt, but that’s illegal🤬.'

But more people said that the company has been selling those shirts for a longer period of time and it's all related to another older incident.

'He had had this out before also when that other girl claimed he pulled a gun out on her...' said a follower.

Another person said the same thing: 'That shirt been out! The original has a white woman on the back crying lol!'

Just recently, the accuser's lawyer insisted that she definitely did not consent to sex with the singer . In fact, the attorney claims she was put under ‘great psychological pressure.’

Her legal representative, Franck Serfati has clarified some things for the Chris Brown accuser, The Associated Press reported.

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