Chris Brown Calls His Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, 'The Prettiest Woman On The Planet'

Chris Brown Calls His Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, 'The Prettiest Woman On The Planet'
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Chris Brown just made a lot of his fans happy with a recent move. He called his baby mama, Ammika Harris the prettiest woman on the planet, and her fans were in awe as well.

As you know, these two share a son together, Aeko, but people don't know for sure whether these two are a couple or they are simply co-parenting Aeko.

On the other hand, Chris has been offering his fans all kinds of hints that they might be together after all, and he just did this again.

Check out what Chris wrote:

Fans started a debate in the comments, and some people even said that Chris must have upset Amika with something and that's why he shared these words.

A follower said: 'She’s pretty but she not the prettiest in the world but go off,' while another commenter wrote this: 'I mean .. it’s really not a competition. there’s really no “prettiest woman in the world” too many beauties of all colors.'

Someone else wrote: 'can you please allow her to be the prettiest in the world! Every girl is .... it’s not a competition, damn.'

Ammika has been making headlines a lot lately, due to the various pics that she's been sharing on her social media account featuring Aeko and herself as well.

People noted that the baby boy is twining with both his mom and his dad as well. After fans saw Ammika’s recent posts on her social media account, people said that Aeko has the same exact eyes as she does.

Also, you should make sure to check out the juicy photo that Ammika shared on social media straight from her shower .

‘Rewatching “the Big Bang theory” because I’m obsessed with Sheldon,’ Ammika captioned her post.

People were in love with her natural look and they made sure to praise her in the comments.

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