Channing Tatum And Jessie J - Here's Why They Broke Up And More!

Channing Tatum And Jessie J - Here's Why They Broke Up And More!
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The reveal that Jessie J and Channing Tatum are no longer an item took fans by surprise since it looked like they were solid. Before ending things, the celeb couple dated for more than a year.

Now, one insider report claims to know what led to their split and also whether there are any chances for them to get back together at some point or not.

As it turns out, while they have been over for about a month or so, there aren't any hard feelings between the singer and the actor.

In fact, their close ones think there’s a chance they will reunite.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Channing and Jenna [Dewan]’s divorce had nothing to do with his split from Jessie. Their relationship had only simply run its course but some friends have not given up on the fact that they could still get back together at. They have chemistry and there still seems to be flirtations going on. Only time will tell but there are no hard feelings on either side.’

Furthermore, the source mentioned that while he’s still single, Channing hopes to focus more on his career.

At the end of the day, however, he ‘has nothing bad to say about Jessie J, they could still reconnect in the future but he wants to pursue more acting roles and to get back to it all because he feels he's lost that in the last few years by focusing on his relationships that have both worked and not worked out. He wants to get back to a place where he's happy and work is that avenue that he needs to pursue.’

That’s not to say that he’s avoiding romance.

It just seems like he’s much more interested in his acting career at this point in time.

If love finds him again, of course, he is open to it but not actively pursuing it.

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