Celebrity Makeup Artist Erin Parsons Shows That Glitter Will Be A Big Trend In 2020

Celebrity Makeup Artist Erin Parsons Shows That Glitter Will Be A Big Trend In 2020
Credit: Source: Erin Parsons/Instagram

Sometimes we see celebrities and marvel at their incredible looks yet forget there is an expert makeup artist behind the style. Erin Parsons is a celebrity makeup artist whose client list includes Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Adriana Lima. Those who follow Erin, who frequently does model and celebrity makeup for magazine covers such as Vogue, will see a glimpse into her genius and artistry. Erin Parsons has over 177,000 followers on Instagram and not only shares photos and videos of her celebrity clients but also gives insight to her inspiration behind the looks. For the holiday season, it's been all about the glitter.

Though Erin has plenty of celebrity clients, sometimes the greatest insight into the looks she's creating for Kendall, Adriana or Gigi are the looks she creates on herself.

Erin shared a photo of Lily Aldridge where she wore a shimmering silver eyeshadow paired with a deep, wine-colored lip and the picture was stunning. Erin lined Lily's eyes with glittery, silver liner for a unique look that was perfect for the holidays.

Erin left the following caption: Christmas, but make it chic.

You may see the photo of Lily Aldridge wearing silver, eye makeup by Erin Parsons below.

Erin shared a video of herself wearing her New Year's eve eye makeup following the look she created for Lily Aldridge. It was that video that gave greater insight into the artistry that Erin puts behind her makeup looks. In the video, Erin chose highly metallic, glittery shades of red for her lips and silver and gold for her eyes.  If you look through Erin's official Instagram account, you'll see more creations that she has used that feature glitter.

You may see the video of Erin covered in glitter for the New Year below.

In addition to glitter, Erin also used amazing white eyelashes on Gigi Hadid that others recreated on themselves. You may see a photo slideshow that details Erin's influence in the fashion and beauty industry below.

What do you think of Erin Parsons' makeup looks? Are you a fan of her work?

Are you excited to see what additional makeup trends are in store for 2020?


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