Catfish Host Nev Schulman Offers Dina Lohan Help After Revelation She Hasn’t Met Boyfriend Of 5 Years

Catfish Host Nev Schulman Offers Dina Lohan Help After Revelation She Hasn’t Met Boyfriend Of 5 Years
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Celebrity Big Brother contestant Dina Lohan shocked not only viewers but her housemates Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, and Natalie Eva Marie when she admitted to dating a guy for five years that she has yet to meet in person. Not only has she never met the man, but he won't even Face Time with her. However, Lohan is convinced he is not only real but that she is going to marry him someday .

It didn't take long for word to spread that it appears Lindsay Lohan's mom is getting catfished. Braxton and Burruss kept saying it to Lohan. However, she kept insisting that he is real because they talk on the phone every day and she knows him. Now her shocking relationship news has caught the eye of a professional in the catfish business, Nev Schulman. He is the host of the MTV hit show Catfish: The TV Show.

Schulman is now officially on the case to help out the original momager. He used Twitter to share how shocked he was at the news report. Yes, the Lohan's are making headlines again, but this time it is because of Dina's stupidity, not her daughter's.

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Let's do this," the Catfish host said.

Although he doesn't come right out and offer to help, his words indicate he is willing to get involved. Lohan can't respond to his message right now because she is still in the Big Brother house. The finale is on Wednesday, February 13th, so perhaps once the show is all done, she will respond to Schulman's offer to help investigate the boyfriend she has never met. It indeed does appear to be a catfish case.

Lohan certainly tried her best to convince her housemates the man is real and there is nothing wrong with the fact they have never video chatted or met in person. They were not buying her reasons because she sounds crazy!

"Lies! It's 2019. My mother is 71, and she uses it. That is a lie. Don't you believe it," exclaimed Braxton but mama Lohan was not letting anyone discourage her relationship.

It has been a long time since fans were privy to some Lohan craziness, but Dina sure is bringing it with her relationship news. Do you think she will let Schulman investigate her man? Should he investigate anyway?


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