Um, What? Dina Lohan Swears She Is Going To Marry A Man She Has Never Met on Celebrity Big Brother

Um, What? Dina Lohan Swears She Is Going To Marry A Man She Has Never Met on Celebrity Big Brother
Credit: Source: ET Online

Dina Lohan has found herself a new man, well, sort of. Lindsay Lohan’s mom, who is starring on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother , just revealed that she is falling hard for a man she has never seen – online or in person.

Dina told her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars that she has been chatting with “a special someone” over the past five years and hopes that they eventually exchange vows. The only catch is that Dina and the mystery man have never even FaceTimed each other, let alone met in person.

“I can’t wait to tell you about this guy,” Dina said to Tamar Braxton, Natalie Eva Marie and Kandi Burruss. “I’ve been talking to him for five years. Like, every day. A lot. I feel like I know him.”

According to People , Dina claims that her boyfriend lives in San Francisco and does not know how to use FaceTime. They also have not met in person because he spends the majority of his time taking care of his ill mother, whom she also talks to from time to time.

After hearing Dina’s story, Braxton, Marie and Burruss tried to convince her that she was likely a victim of catfishing. The ladies even told her that they would fly with her to San Francisco to meet the guy, but she remained convinced that he is the real deal.

Dina was previously married to Michael Lohan until their divorce in 2005. The two had four children over the course of their 20 year marriage: Lindsay, Ali, Cody and Michael Jr. There’s no telling if Dina’s mystery man is for real, but at least she has found someone special she can talk to.

Apart from her love life, Dina has faced a lot of ups and downs this past year. A few months ago, Dina filed for bankruptcy in New York and cited over $1.7 million in debt. The vast majority of her debt was linked to a loan company, which gave her money to purchase a house in N. Merrick, New York.

Fans can watch Dina Lohan in action when new episodes of Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS.


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