Cassie's Husband, Alex Fine, Is Angry And Frustrated In Video While Talking About The Killing Of Elijah McClain

Cassie's Husband, Alex Fine, Is Angry And Frustrated In Video While Talking About The Killing Of Elijah McClain
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Cassie's husband, Alex Fine, has taken to social media to share his anger and frustration about the killing of Elijah McClain, who was 23 years old.

McClain, a massage therapist and violinist, died after a police encounter in Aurora, Colorado.

The animal lover was detained and went into cardiac arrest after someone called the police claiming he looked suspicious.

Aurora District Attorney Dave Young spoke about not filing charges against the police officers by saying: “I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the action of those officers killed Elijah McClain…in my business, I can’t take that case to court if we don’t know those answers. It’s as simple as that.”

Alex and his mother both made passionate pleas about the case.

He said: "RIP ELIJAH MCCLAIN. F*ck Dave Young. He’s the DA on this case. Put that soft ass DA on Trial. We need to come together for Elijah and his family."

He added: "RIP ELIJAH MCCLAIN: Watch Full Story
This is my mama, and we’re going after the DA Dave Young, who is assigned to Elijahs Case. Dave Young and Trevor Morritzky are beyond corrupt and need to resign immediately. This is my mama's story, it’s incredibly difficult to relive, but it’s for Justice of Elijah McClain and his family. @pamfine I love you so much, and thank you for being this strong. You’re an absolutely amazing woman. ❤️💔 #ripelijahmcclain #blacklivesmatter"

One person claimed: "Thank you so much for bringing attention to this brother and opening up about your mother. Your sentiment and perspective is so greatly needed. I’m proud to say you are my friend, and my love wraps around you and your family during this time. I promise to do my part to continue to bring light to this case concerning Elijah and to become active in any way I can towards removing Dave Young from DA in Aurora. Love you, man 💜."

Another commenter shared: "Ugh, I’m sorry you have to relive this, particularly when it pertains to Elijah’s case, such a sad and horrific story. #ripelijahmcclain All of America grieves for him. Dave young needs to be taken down! Thank you for using your story to propel his. #justiceforelijahmcclain"

This backer wrote: "Today the CO gov requested a new investigation into the man's death. Maybe your exposure to this bad DA gave him pause to look closer into it. Hope so. Keep up the good work, Alex."

A fourth follower revealed: "Somehow get this broadcast on CNN to bring a greater awareness to this Dave and justice for Elisha..😢"

Cassie's hubby is having an impact.

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