Cassie Randolph Reportedly Attempted To End Things With Colton Underwood A 'Few Times' Before Actual Breakup!

Cassie Randolph Reportedly Attempted To End Things With Colton Underwood A 'Few Times' Before Actual Breakup!
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As you might have heard, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are no longer an item! Their relationship lasted quite a lot compared to most other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples but it turns out that there was one big problem from the very beginning!

That being said, one insider dished via E! News that Cassie attempted to break up with Colton a ‘few times’ before it actually happened!

They noted that while fans were happy the stars had made it over a year together and were shocked to learn about the seemingly sudden split, their close friends were not at all surprised!

The source shared via the news site that: ‘In truth, the relationship had become more of a friendship than a hot romance. Cassie was not as ready for the settled down life Colton wants right now and she tried to end it a few times.’

Supposedly, their romance continued for a while more, mainly because of the quarantine since they were literally stuck together!

However, that was also a time to reflect and truly realize that ‘they're probably better off as friends.’

In other words, both of them were aware at that point that their romantic relationship was pretty much over but another insider mentioned that it was Cassie who initiated the discussion which apparently ‘upset’ Colton.

But, at the end of the day, ‘It led to both of them being able to be open and honest about what was going on. They truly want to remain good friends and hope that they can keep each other in their lives.’

Sure enough, this coincides with what the reality TV stars also mentioned in their official breakup announcements.

Cassie’s read that: ‘I love Colton very much and I have an enormous amount of respect for him. We've both learned and grown so much these past couple years, and we will always have each other’s back,’ while Colton expressed a similar feeling, mentioning that this is just a ‘new chapter’ for the two of them.


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