Casey Anthony's Father, George Anthony, Wants To Reconcile After She Makes A Tasteless Statement About Having Another Child -- Social Media Reacts

Casey Anthony's Father, George Anthony, Wants To Reconcile After She Makes A Tasteless Statement About Having Another Child -- Social Media Reacts
Credit: Us Magazine

In what many have described as a very tasteless statement, Casey Anthony has revealed that she is considering having another child while she is still in the right age for it.

The woman had been out of the spotlight for some time now, after previously becoming a huge controversial sensation for the killing of her child.

Back then, the young girl died in mysterious circumstances that cast a lot of doubt on Anthony’s story.

It was eventually revealed that the woman had drugged her daughter, hoping that this would put her to rest long enough for her to attend a party. However, she had overestimated the dose and ended up killing her girl.

Anthony showed no remorse over her actions, even being caught laughing in the courtroom on multiple occasions.

She has tried to explain that she was not the monster the media portrayed her as, and she just did not want to show her sadness to the world, something which had apparently been ingrained in her from a young age.

She added that she had never considered committing suicide over the situation, describing it as “a coward’s way out.”

Still it is undeniable that her actions left a sour taste in many people’s mouths, and her recent announcement that she might want to be a mother again has been met with a lot of controversies, to the point where some people have questioned if she should be legally allowed to do so in the first place.

However, there does not seem to be a clear response to that. Many people reacted to the story with some harsh comments.

One person said: “Wtf? Florida, you win the prize for being the most backward state in America..”

This social media user stated: “For those who don’t know: Casey Anthony killed her three-year-old daughter in the most “I’m obviously fu**ing guilty” cases in recent history, but got away with it because our judicial system is a circus. God will be the one to give her goal judgment. I myself hope she can never have another child.”

Another critic wrote: “Her parents should be ashamed of them themselves!! They know she killed that child. All 3 are going in front of god one day. well since the court won’t punish her for being a murder, Hell will.”

Anthony's father, George Anthony, says he wants to reconcile with her.

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  • Judy
    Judy Nov 19, 2019 9:27 PM PST

    I feel so sorry for her parents. They will never get over this. They lost their granddaughter and you might say their daughter too. Forgiveness is a must. Only God can judge their daughter. I hope he gets to see his daughter and say what he needs to say and to get the hug he wants. I just can’t imagine the agony these parents have gone through.

  • Violet Clary
    Violet Clary Nov 19, 2019 5:32 PM PST

    Hope she is sterile she has no right to have a child.

    KEITH WILLIAMS Nov 18, 2019 9:44 PM PST

    "I Know, the Untold Casey Anthony story" New book now available everywhere... This will give closer, and love is the only answer!

  • Brenda
    Brenda Nov 18, 2019 5:40 AM PST

    The arricle never printed the poor little girls name that was murdered. Her name is CALEE! God knows what happened to CALEE. It will be up to GOD if she will have another child. Suffer not all the children on this earth. Prayers that GOD will protect them.

  • M
    M Nov 17, 2019 7:06 PM PST

    She should have kept the one she had. Now she wants what she had. There will never be another Caylee, like the Caylee we knew. What’s this woman want another rematch with the court system. She did it once, she will do it again. No support from me, or the rest of the people in this world we live in. She got famous after killing her child. So let her do it again. I think NOT!

  • Public defender
    Public defender Nov 17, 2019 6:43 PM PST

    Regardless if she actually is guilty or not,a jury found her not guilty.As an American citizen,she has every right to have another baby o several babies.She also has the rights to live in peace. All people are sinners.rather a sin be as minor as a lie,or murder, both will keep both sinners out of heaven. Any sin would pollute heaven.If she is indeed innocent, treating her as if she were guilty would be sinful.Let God handle it.

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