Caroline Manzo Saddened By Joe Giudice’s Deportation Danger - Here's Why!

Caroline Manzo Saddened By Joe Giudice’s Deportation Danger - Here's Why!
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During an interview for HollywoodLife, Caroline Manzo discussed, among other things, Joe Giudice’s situation. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star made it very clear that, despite her feud with Teresa Giudice, she feels sad over what’s going on with her husband, mainly because of their four daughters, who she thinks have ‘suffered entirely too much.’

In the aftermath of his deportation appeal being denied, Manzo had nothing but nice things to say about Joe.

She told the news outlet that ‘It absolutely breaks my heart. I don’t understand it. He paid his dues. I understand the legality of it, but it’s not like he came [to The United States from Italy] when he was 20 or 30 – he came here as an infant. Yes, he should’ve done what he needed to do as far as paperwork goes, but in hindsight, whatever.’

She went on to say that ‘His children adore him. He adores his children. I think those children have suffered entirely too much. My heart is broken for those kids and for Joe because they deserve their father back. If there was a way that I could snap my fingers and say, ‘OK, let’s wipe this all away and let him go home to his girls,’ I would.’

But, of course that is not possible and the ex RHONJ cast member says she thinks about the girls and Joe and worries about them all the time.

Caroline also mentioned that she feels sad for them since they ‘deserve to have their father back’ home.

The woman is one of the original stars of RHONJ since she appeared on the show since the beginning.

She, however, left before season six only to have a spin-off titled Manzo’d with Children that lasted for three seasons.


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