Cailey Fleming From "The Walking Dead" Just Earned $250,000 For Season 10

Cailey Fleming From "The Walking Dead" Just Earned $250,000 For Season 10
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According to a report from The Blast, the 12-year-old who portrays the daughter of Rick Grimes, Judith, is now one of the top paid child stars in Hollywood. Cailey Fleming, known by her fans as the adorable Judith on The Walking Dead , is earning $250,000 per episode.

Obtained by The Blast, Fleming's contract shows her $250,000 fee for each episode. It was revealed that the star would be returning for that amount during the 10th season of AMC's huge hit zombie-drama.

In addition to making a massive fortune through her salary, the 12-year-old managed to also capture a 5% merchandising commission for any products sold related to her character as Judith.

Moreover, Cailey, who also appeared in the latest Star Wars - specifically, The Force Awakens - obtained a $10,000 relocation fee if she has to pack her things to film in another location. The star now gets business-class accommodations for any time she has to leave her current home.

As for how she gets an education, the 12-year-old receives a personal teacher to ensure she meets the federal government's standards for schooling. Additionally, the tutor is permitted on set and is considered as a guest.

Despite the fact this contract was revealed, the 10th season for AMC's The Walking Dead hasn't been announced yet. Some fans on social media have expressed legitimate surprise that the series has lasted so long, considering both Rick Grimes and Carl were killed off.

Moreover, AMC's biggest show also lost their character, Michonne, played by Dania Gurira. One Twitter user suggested AMC would do everything in its power to keep The Walking Dead on the air for as long as possible, considering it's their biggest show and has done nothing but dominate the airwaves since its premiere back on the 31st of October, 2010.

Putting speculation aside, it's good to hear AMC is paying their fresh blood well. Coincidentally, The Walking Dead hired Chandler Riggs (Carl) as a young boy as well. Chandler had been with the show since it began in 2010 all the way until 2018.


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