Lori Loughlin's Show "When Calls The Heart" Renewed For Another Season Amid Her Firing

Lori Loughlin's Show "When Calls The Heart" Renewed For Another Season Amid Her Firing
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According to a report from Fox News, Lori Loughlin's role on When Calls The Heart isn't important enough for the show to stop. The series was renewed by the studio for a seventh season just a few days after it was announced the 54-year-old actress would be edited out of all future episodes following the college admissions dilemma.

Erin Krakow announced the news via Instagram that the show would be coming back to the two-night event on the 5th of May and the 6th of May. He added, "I'm also thrilled to announce When Calls The Hearts season 7 coming next year!"

As it was previously reported, the Hallmark Channel severed their working relationship with the legendary actress following her arrest back in March for her involvement in the USC scandal.

The actress has been accused of paying off university officials to include her children as potential crew team recruits as a way of entering the college. Previously, producers for the series announced they were "saddened" by the news of her involvement.

In a statement released, producers confirmed they would no longer be working with Lori in light of the college admissions scandal. Moreover, they would cut ties with all programs in which she was involved, such as Garage Sale Mystery. 

As most know, Lori and her man, Mossimo Giannulli, were implicated in a nationwide scam involving many other individuals as well, including Felicity Huffman and other lesser-known figures. Lori and Mossimo paid approximately half-a-million dollars to have their daughters recruited on the crew team.

As a result, Isabella and Olivia's status at the university is under investigation as officials determine the next course of action, and therefore their fate at the institution. Last week, Loughlin and Giannulli rejected the very same plea agreement Felicity accepted.

Reportedly, they are facing off against a potential prison sentence of 40 years for fraud as well as money laundering. Perhaps, Lori and Mossimo could ask Joe and Teresa Giudice for advice?

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