Brett Favre Denounced By Social Media Users For His Political Views

Brett Favre Denounced By Social Media Users For His Political Views
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Hot New Hip Hop says Brett Favre joined Jay Cutler this week as a target of social media rage. In case you missed it, Jay took to his social media yesterday to voice his support for the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, which led to much backlash.

Even though the political situation in the United States is polarized, there are a select few entertainers and athletes who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, including Brett Favre. In the early hours of the morning, Brett expressed his support for Trump while urging American citizens to get out and vote.

Many Twitter users took the opportunity to either praise or denounce him. The former NFL player wrote that his vote was for the "freedom of speech, religion, the 2nd amendment, and hard-working tax-paying citizens," in addition to the military personnel and the police.

Favre went on to write on his account that his vote would be for the president of the United States. In recent news, Hot New Hip Hop claims, Favre said to Trump that both the NBA and the NFL are struggling in the ratings.

He suggested it may have had something to do with the increase of overt political messaging. As it was noted above, Jay Cutler came out as a Trump supporter just yesterday after he and Kristina Cavallari had split up.

Kristin and Jay have been in the headlines repeatedly over the last few months not for his political views, but for their divorce. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kristin actually took on his name, Cutler, but never used it professionally.

Regarding celebrities and Trump, one of the most controversial cases of a star supporting the incumbent president was Kanye West. West came out as a Trump supporter not long after he was inaugurated as the president which led to massive protests in Washington DC.

Kanye later appeared on Saturday Night Live and TMZ where he says he was "bullied" for wearing a "Make America Great Again" while backstage at NBC studios where SNL is produced.

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