Billie Eilish Says Sometimes She 'Dresses Like A Boy' And Other Times Like A 'Swaggy Girl'

Billie Eilish Says Sometimes She 'Dresses Like A Boy' And Other Times Like A 'Swaggy Girl'
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In a new interview with British GQ, Billie Eilish shared her thoughts on body image issues and more. The performing artist, according to Billboard Magazine, has been spending much of her time in COVID-19 lockdown, but the artist says it's "with good reason."

Billie says she got mad when she went to visit her brother and musical collaborator, Finneas, and saw people hanging out "all over the place" despite what was going on in the country. According to Eilish, the weirdest part of her situation now is that she's previously been overbooked everywhere, and now there's nothing planned on account of the pandemic.

According to Billboard, British GQ caught up with the singer-songwriter not long after she won several Grammy Awards in January just a few months before the shutdown. For that reason, the genre category controversy was fresh on her mind.

Billie says that if she were black, she probably would've been in the rap category instead. She says that people, especially in the music industry, take a look at what you look like and don't understand what category to fit you into.

Eilish says the whole world wants to put a person in the box, and she's battled it since she first started her music career. The star says that people thought of her as pop music, but she never thought of her music as "pop music."

With all that considered, Billie says she felt validated by the number of Grammies she won that year. It validated her and her brother's sense of what genre they fit into. Additionally, the 18-year-old performing artist touched on her "huge" body image problems.

She says that much of that comes from the way her ex-boyfriends treated her in the past. According to Eilish, she never felt "desired," and her old boyfriends did that to her. Billie says it's one of the reasons why she hides her body from the world.

She doesn't want people to judge her for the way she looks as much. She added, "sometimes I dress like a boy. Sometimes I dress like a swaggy girl."

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