Big Brother 21: Christie Murphy And Jack Matthews Won Whacktivity Powers - What Are They And Will They Be Used Tonight?

Big Brother 21: Christie Murphy And Jack Matthews Won Whacktivity Powers - What Are They And Will They Be Used Tonight?
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Big Brother 21 houseguest Christine Murphy and Jack Matthews have special powers that could change the game in tonight's episode.

Head of Household Cliff Hogg III made a bold game move by nominating Jack and his pal Jackson Michie. It was also a necessary move as the two men, and their six-shooter alliance has been running the show since day one.

Plus, they are racists jerks causing a lot of unnecessary commotion in the Big Brother house. Cliff has been the only HOH to take a shot at the duo, but his effort could be in vain.

What Cliff does not know is that Jack and Christie each won their respective Whacktivity competitions. He won the Chaos Power and she won the revived Diamond Power of Veto.

Jack has the power to throw the Veto players in chaos. If he does not like who is chosen to play in a Veto competition, he can invoke his power, and new players will be drawn.

Christie, on the other hand, has a power that could drastically change the outcome of the game. Her power allows the Veto holder, who removed a nominee from the block to name the replacement nominee.

Since Christie can invoke her power at any time, she may not be the one who benefits from it. She can use it to help another player if she feels it is beneficial.

Now that Jack and Michie are on the block, it is safe to say Jack will use his power. He is going to want to make sure those playing in the competition will use it to take him or at least Michie off the block.

Christie is a wildcard this week. She is in an alliance with both guys. Therefore, if one of them manages to come off the block, Christie could release the power to ensure the replacement nominee is not one of her alliance members.

Big Brother's Jack Matthews using his Panic Power is likely. His game is on the line, so it is time to use the power. Christine Murphy's game is not on the line at the moment. She may want to save it for when it can directly benefit her.

Christie has told a slew of people about her Diamond Power of Veto too. She has a lot of people in her ear, telling her what to do. The question is, will she listen to her alliance, will she make a deal with Cliff or will keep the power for herself?


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