Bette Midler Slammed Online For Making Fun Of Black American Supporters Of Donald Trump

Bette Midler Slammed Online For Making Fun Of Black American Supporters Of Donald Trump
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According to a report from Page Six, Bette Midler found herself in trouble for making fun of black American Trump supporters. The star referred to them as "blackground." The actress posted a photo in which African-American men were in the background of a Trump re-election rally, and the Hollywood star jokingly asked how much they were paid to be there.

Joking with her 1.7 million followers, Bette said, "how much did he pay them to be "blackground?" Afterward, many Twitter users, many of which were journalists, took Midler to task for subtle racism and refusal to acknowledge black men's ability to make their own political choices.

Heather Champion, for instance, wrote, "she thinks black men cannot think for themselves," and are more willing to accept a bribe. Another person accused Midler of believing that black men would easily sell out for the sake of money.

Another person wrote that Midler was racist as well as condescending. Other individuals made similar comments, accusing the longtime Hollywood star of overt racism, as well as pushing her own views on people. The tweet remained on the internet for most of the morning today, and Midler hasn't apologized.

As most know, this isn't the first time that Midler has talked smack about the president. Just yesterday, the star was on Twitter where she shared multiple comments on the politician amid Robert Mueller's testimony on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019.

Approximately two months ago, claims Page Six, the president made fun of Midler online, accusing her of being a "psycho" and far past her career prime as an actress. Midler apparently shared a quote which was falsely attributed to the president.

As it was previously reported, Middler shared an alleged quote that showed the president as describing Republican voters as some of the dumbest people around. However, the quote has since been debunked. Midler took to her social media to admit she was wrong, and also added that she believed it sounded so much like something the president would say.

The president is already campaigning for next year's presidential election. Currently, political analysts believe Trump will run against Joe Biden.

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