'Below Deck's' Captain Lee Rosbach Backs Kate Chastain Amid Laura Betancourt Drama

'Below Deck's' Captain Lee Rosbach Backs Kate Chastain Amid Laura Betancourt Drama
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kate Chastain is getting some much-needed backup. After facing backlash on Twitter over her drama with Laura Betancourt, Below Deck's Captain Lee defended Chastain's actions on social media and assured fans she is doing a fine job as chief stew.

"She's a great asset to me, & I appreciate that," Captain Lee shared. "To her naysayers, you wish you had an employee like her, & for you employees, you wish you had a boss that had your back as I have hers."

Chastain later thanked Captain Lee for the kind words and gave fans a quick lesson on how the yachting world really works.

The Below Deck star told fans that being strict with team members on a charter yacht helps things operate smoothly and that a regimented schedule is just a part of the job requirements.

Although it is great to see Chastain get support, she and Captain Lee have had their disagreements over the years.

As fans will recall, the two got into a big argument earlier this year. Taking Chastain aside, Captain Lee expressed his disappointment in the wake of Caroline Bedol's surprise exit.

According to Bravo TV , Chastain admitted that the fight with Captain Lee was difficult but actually ended up strengthening their relationship in the end. In fact, after Chastain told him how she felt, he apologized for being so hard on her and the two made amends.

Chastain, meanwhile, found herself in the hot seat following a dramatic scene with Betancourt on a recent episode of Below Deck .

Tensions reached a boiling point after Betancourt, who serves under Chastain as third stew, told her boss that she needed to "check herself."

To her credit, Chastain remained calm, and the move impressed Below Deck: Mediterranean's chief stew Hannah Ferrier, who experienced a particularly drama-filled third season.

Taking to Twitter , Ferrier praised Chastain for keeping her cool and confessed that she would have probably lost it if a third stew had talked to her like that.


Fans can watch the drama continue to unfold when Below Deck returns with new episodes Jan. 8 on Bravo.


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