Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo Calls Her The Hottest Girlfriend In The World

Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo Calls Her The Hottest Girlfriend In The World
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Bella Thorne's boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo called her the hottest girlfriend in the world and fans are loving the sweetness. Bella is definitely not your stereotypical, cookie-cutter girl and she isn't defined by traditional roles but when it comes to love, it seems that she and Benjamin have a fairy-tale relationship. Benjamin is head-over-heels for Bella and shows his love for her in a number of ways. The Italian-born singer showers attention and Bella and the two have been together for over a year now.

Benjamin shared photos of Bella wearing a black, baseball cap, a form-fitting, black mini dress, thigh-high boots, and fishnet stockings. Bella's long red hair flowed past her shoulders and she paired the look with simple gold jewelry including several layered necklaces, a few rings, and multiple bangle bracelets.

Though every relationship has its rocky moments, it appears that Benjamin and Bella continue to work through them and find their way to each other.

You may see the post where Benjamin called Bella the hottest girlfriend in the world below.

Benjamin showed Bella his love on Valentine's Day where he presented the 22-year-old with dozens upon dozens of roses. A video of Benjamin's romantic surprise for Bella went viral as she was blindfolded and then opened her eyes to see what Benjamin had done for her.

You may see that video below.

Benjamin also posted a sweet message to Bella on their one-year-anniversary.

He shared the following.

"Thank you for being yourself no matter what and teaching me the meaning of love and life: you are the smartest, funniest, sexiest, craziest and cutest creature that ever walked planet earth. I miss you so much, you deserve all the love and flowers my heart and bank account can afford."

You may see the full anniversary message that Benjamin shared below.

What do you think about Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne? Would you be sad if the couple broke up?

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