Bella Hadid Reveals She Donated 600 Trees To Off-Set Her Carbon Footprint

Bella Hadid Reveals She Donated 600 Trees To Off-Set Her Carbon Footprint
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Bella Hadid recently announced she was giving back to the world after putting stress on it. This past Wednesday, the 23-year-old supermodel took to her Instagram account to reveal she was going to donate 600 trees to make up for her ecological footprint. On account of her career, Bella has to fly all over the globe including on both private and commercial airlines.

Hadid wrote that she had just donated around 600 trees, 20 for each flight she took in the last three months. She intends on doing the same thing repeatedly for the rest of this year. Hadid explained she was saddened by the impact her profession has on the world.

"Mother nature needs some love," the model wrote, after discussing the purported climate change crisis. Hadid specifically planted the trees in California following all the wildfires. The left-over trees in the lot will be planted in different parts of the globe.

On her account, the model asked her massive fanbase where else she should devote her efforts, including the Amazon, Latin America, North America, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, she cited data on wildfires and forest destruction, stating that 129 million trees have to be replanted in addition to the 1.3 million acres that were burned.

Hadid emphasized the importance of biodiversity, adding that trees are essential for human survival and the health of the planet. The model pointed out the website she was using, One Tree Planted.

Bella was in the news earlier this week for another reason, that is the release of her ex-boyfriend's new song, "Heartless," which some fans believed was about her. Initially, after it was released, media reports and social media commenters speculated on whether Selena Gomez was the inspiration for the track.

However, one day later, other reports pointed out that The Weeknd appeared to insinuate the song was about someone he had dated more than once. Bella and Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, have dated on and off over the years. They appeared to break up for good, however, this year.

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