Barbara Streisand Trashes Trump Yet Again During Latest Performance

Barbara Streisand Trashes Trump Yet Again During Latest Performance
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According to a report from, Barbara Streisand, while at the Madison Square Garden this past weekend, took the opportunity to trash one of her favorite politicians, Donald Trump. Barbara did her very own version of the song, "Send In The Clowns," and of course, there were many references to the controversial politician.

Barbara adjusted much of the lyrics to the infamous track, referencing his deal-making skills, as well as calling him a "fraudulent twit," among other insults and jabs.

Streisand acknowledged in front of her audience that some people believe she talks politics too much, however, she's a New Yorker, and - according to her - they're known for being "big-mouthed."

However, likely preparing herself for possible backlash, Streisand did notice the Republicans in the crowd and said they were welcome to enjoy the show as well. She recommended they close their ears for the time being.

As fans of the singer know, Barbara is no stranger to political criticism of the derided president, Donald Trump. In the past, the singer claimed the president was "corrupt" and was attacking the longstanding credibility and integrity of the nation's institutions - a common complaint among the politician's critics.

Barbara Streisand's latest record was no different as well, as many of the songs from the record were critical of the politician. According to a report from The Guardian, Barbara's album, Walls , whose title is possibly a reference to Trump's rhetoric - was politically charged.

The outlet claims Barbara even wrote much of the material on it herself. One song on the record, in particular, "Don't Lie To Me," was alluding to Trump directly, rather than being a standard love-song anthem. Trump has been accused of lying repeatedly since he first took office in early 2017.

Barbara is not alone in her contempt for the Republican president. Robert De Niro, as well, is known for his comments about the politician, which he frequently makes while on stage during awards ceremonies and other social gatherings.

However, recently, Robert was actually booed while talking badly about Trump while at an event in Beverly Hills.

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