Bam Margera Public Meltdown Continues To Spiral Out Of Control - Jackass Star Kicked Off Plane

Bam Margera Public Meltdown Continues To Spiral  Out Of Control - Jackass Star Kicked Off Plane
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Bam Margera is in the middle of a public meltdown that has his family and friends deeply concerned. The Jackass star's latest issue involves him getting kicked off of a Southwest flight on Saturday.

TMZ broke the news Margera was booted from a flight in Atlanta. He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol . The website stated the 39-year-old was told by an airport employee that he was too drunk or obstinate to fly.

Margera allegedly told an airport employee he had downed 50 shots of tequila. The comments got him in trouble with airport police, who questioned the severity of his intoxication. Margera reportedly made matters worse by calling the employee an idiot for believing his alcohol claim of doing 50 shots.

The pro skateboarder shared the incident on social media as well, letting all of his followers in on the latest drama in his life. Margera let his fans know he was on his way to a convention in Austin. Fans flooded his comments section begging the MTV personality to attend rehab instead of the conference.

Leading up to his being booted from a Southwest flight, the Jackass star had been on a social media tirade. He called out his wife Nicole Boyd, his mother April Margera, and friend Brandon Novak, in various posts.

Margera referred to his wife as a "piece of s#$t." He also suggested he regretted falling in love with her. The Jackass star had harsh words for his mother too. He shared that he would never forgive her because she brushed off his "near-death nervous breakdown like the Phillies just lost."

Although this weekend has proven to be the height of his public breakdown, Margera has been having issues for months. Last March he publicly attacked his wife and manager in an article with the Philly Voice .

All the drama surrounding Margera's public meltdown has caused friends and family to speak out. They have all been bashed for not helping the reality TV star.

"To Everybody asking the Jackass Guys to help Bam, We are trying and have been, but no matter how loudly help screams his name, it's up him to want to be better and not somebody who publicly degrades their Wife and Mother and takes accountability for it. I wouldn't write this publicly, but we all get told to go help Bam so much, I might as well answer," his Jackass costar Chris Pontius wrote on one of Margera's Instagram messages this weekend.

Jackass star Bam Margera is in the midst of a downward spiral. His public meltdown continues as he struggles with addiction.

Last January, Margera entered rehab but only stayed for ten days. Hopefully, he will seek help soon before he hurts himself or someone else.

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