Award-Winning Songwriter LaShawn Daniels Passes Away Suddenly At Age 41

Award-Winning Songwriter LaShawn Daniels Passes Away Suddenly At Age 41
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According to a report from, on the 4th of September, Wednesday, LaShawn Daniels died at the age of 41-years. The Independent reported that thus far, it isn't known how he died exactly. LaShawn, also known as Big Shiz, created the lyrics for R&B and Pop songs from the late 1990s and the 2000s.

For instance, Daniels wrote "You Rock My World," from Michael Jackson, "One Wish," from Ray J, and Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine." He also penned the song from Whitney Houston, "It's Not Right (But It's Okay," in addition to the legendary song from Destiny's Child, "Say My Name."

Six years ago, Daniels received another nomination for his work in "Love And War" from Tamar Braxton. In conjunction with the songwriter/producer, Rodney Jerkins, Daniels played a crucial role in the R&B scene from the 1990s as well as the early 2000s.

Additionally, the pair helped create Brandy's record, Never Say Never , which helped cement their status as leaders in the industry. Speaking with Parle Magazine, Daniels said that one of his proudest moments as a producer was when he heard the song "Girls Love Beyonce," from Drake, particularly due to the "Say My Name" sample.

LaShawn said, as a writer, it brought him a lot of pride when he could see that some of the biggest artists today, and some of the most respected, shared an appreciation for songs he helped produce. Daniels went on to say that he was thrilled when Drake continued to sample some of his work.

According to LaShawn, music has changed in the sense that artists today may show their respect for creations from the past, both directly and indirectly. "But, it's a really, really proud moment for me," LaShawn remarked.

According to, April Daniels said in her Instagram post that LaShawn was a great pillar of faith and strength in their family. She said in her post that he died from a fatal car accident in South Carolina.

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