Home Invader Busted Barefoot In Taylor Swift's Home - He Wanted To Be 'Polite'

Home Invader Busted Barefoot In Taylor Swift's Home - He Wanted To Be 'Polite'
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According to a report from Page Six, a man from New Jersey who broke into Taylor Swift's house was caught red-handed by the police without any of his shoes on. Reportedly, he said to the authorities that he wanted to take off his shoes to be "polite."

Reported first by The Westerly Sun, the police officers there claim they responded to an anonymous tip that someone had jumped the fence of her beach house on the 30th of August. The police discovered Richard Joseph McEwan, 26, near her foyer.

Once he saw the police officers, the man started to run, but he was quickly apprehended by the authorities. He was charged with breaking and entering, in addition to willfully trespassing.

The Chief of Westerly Police said to The Sun that they've dealt with numerous calls of trespassing on that property since it was purchased, however, this marks the first time that someone actually made it into the house.

Police claim that McEwan, who hails from Milford, New Jersey, had taken his car to Rhode Island earlier in the day and he was wandering the house in search of the singer-songwriter. Lacey said to The Sun that the burglar had been wandering around the house without his shoes on.

When asked by the police why he took his shoes off at the doorway, the man said that he was taught from a very young age to always take your shoes off. "He said he did it because it was polite."

The police chief added that McEwan didn't have any weapons or dangerous items on him at the time of his apprehension. As fans of the singer-songwriter know, Taylor has dealt with stalkers, burglars, and other individuals on a number of different occasions.

Earlier again this year, a man was discovered with knives and a rope near Taylor's property. Swift addressed her stalkers in an interview, stating that she has had "a lot of them" over the years.

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