Ashley Jacobs Spills On Why She Crashed Patricia Altschul's Southern Charm Finale Party

Ashley Jacobs Spills On Why She Crashed Patricia Altschul's Southern Charm Finale Party
Credit: Source: Decider

Ashley Jacobs and Patricia Altschul went from friends to foes in just one season of Southern Charm. The ex-girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel showed up to the finale party thrown by the original southern belle where she was thrown out by security -- but she has no regrets.

Ashley has stood tall on her claim that Miss Pat is the one who pitted her against Kathryn Dennis in the first place. To viewers who have watched the Bravo hit for multiple seasons, this may not be far-fetched because Pat thought Kathryn was a 'shameless strumpet' for many years.

Recently, Altschul and Dennis have become best buddies -- much to Ashley's dismay. This made her want to tell her side of the story to the Southern Charm cast including Kathryn.

She explained to Entertainment Tonight: '“[Patricia] said some things that just weren’t kind about Kathryn, and she was trying to get me to troll Kathryn and do some things… do her dirty work! I went to the press and she felt so attacked by that. And from that point on, she made my life a living hell. She made my life a living hell. And all of a sudden, Kathryn was her best friend. Go figure.'


The nurse also opened up about her train of thought when she crashed the party: 'I thought maybe she’s — she wrote a book on class, manners — I thought, maybe she’s going to be the epitome of all that. Maybe I’m gonna walk in that room and she’ll pull me aside like a Southern lady does. Say, ‘Let’s talk.’ You know, ‘There’s some feelings…’ or ‘How are you?''

Unfortunately, Pat wasn't in the talking mood and had her people immediately escort Jacobs off the premises.

Ashley has found peace knowing that she did all she could do to try and clear her name.

Meanwhile, Whitney Sudler-Smith's mom told ET that she knew Ashley was gunning for her and wasn't going to put up with it.


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