Armie Hammer Was Seen Acting Without A 'Care In The World' Amid His Media Scandal

Armie Hammer Was Seen Acting Without A 'Care In The World' Amid His Media Scandal
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Even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding Armie Hammer right now in the headlines, the actor is reportedly keeping his head high, a new report from Page Six revealed today. The outlet spoke with sources who say the actor is living in Grand Cayman at the moment and he's living his best life.

As most know by now, the actor has been in the headlines non-stop over the last few weeks after leaked text messages featured him having sexual conversations with women. Fans have jumped on the theory that Hammer is secretly a cannibal murderer who preys on young women.

Some of the actor's ex-girlfriends have come forward to accuse him of being predatory as well, although, Armie has stayed relatively silent about everything. The actor did release one statement, however, via his lawyers.

Reportedly, the source who spoke with Page Six said that it was "quite horrifying" to see Armie walking up and down West Bay Road without a shirt on or without a "care in the world," as if there was nothing going on about him in the headlines.

The insider went on to refer to the actor as "boisterous," "obnoxious," and "full of himself." As for his estranged wife, Elizabeth, she has been taking care of their kids together, Harper and Ford, while also living in Grand Cayman.

Page Six's source added that no one understood why Elizabeth continues to "kill herself" to take care of their kids, while others think that Armie should be in some sort of facility. According to multiple reports, Mr. Hammer has stepped away from two projects and has also faced allegations head-on from Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze.

Other reports indicated that his agency, WME, dropped him as well. Social media users began speculating earlier this week that a bruise seen on his ex-girlfriend's butt was from Hammer's supposed predatory ways. In a statement, Hammer and his lawyers denied all of the allegations and said that his relationships have been consensual.


Back in February, Chambers came forward and said she was "devastated," "heartbroken," and "shocked" by what she was hearing in the headlines about her estranged husband.

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