Courtney Vucekovich: In A New Documentary, The Ex-Girlfriend Of Armie Hammer Spills All

Courtney Vucekovich: In A New Documentary, The Ex-Girlfriend Of Armie Hammer Spills All
Credit: People

The new Armie Hammer reality series and a picture that appeared in it that fans later realized actually came from Pinterest are topics Courtney Vucekovich is speaking up about.

Vucekovich talks about her former relationships with Hammer, 35, in the Friday premiere of discovery+'s House of Hammer. She claims that during their months-long romance in 2020, she "lost her entire sense of self." The document includes texts and voice memos that Hammer reportedly sent about their connection and his desires.

On TikTok and social media, some viewers drew attention to the fact that the image Vucekovich displayed while describing allegedly sustained injuries was actually a screenshot of a bite-mark tattoo. She says, "I suppose Armie took that picture," as the picture is displayed in the episode.

His bites are really forceful. And he advises you to wear them like a badge of honor, almost as if he had persuaded me that I'm fortunate to have it.

Vucekovich reveals the circumstances around the photo's inclusion in House of Hammer in an exclusive response to PEOPLE.

You get several photographs in quick succession while you are being "love-bombed." I received a lot of messages, including a tonne of pictures and videos when I was dating Armie, she claims. Given that I have dozens of images showing his abuse of my body, I thought the bite mark in the photo that Armie sent within our saved text thread was of me. This was the case even more than a year later.

Vucekovich furthers I've decided to share my experience in the hopes that it may help prevent other people from going through what I did in my relationship.

According to a Talos Films spokeswoman, the production firm that created the docuseries, "We take the obligation of conveying victims' tales seriously." We started looking into any new info on this series as soon as it was made public, and we'll make any necessary adjustments as soon as we can.


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