Are Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Really Worried About Demi Moore's Tell-All Memoir?

Are Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Really Worried About Demi Moore's Tell-All Memoir?
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Demi Moore is writing a new tell-all memoir and rumors are heating up that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, as well as his new wife Mila Kunis, are worried what secrets Moore will spill.

It has been over five years since Moore and Kutcher ended their marriage. The former couple was married for six years but took almost two years to finalize their divorce. Infidelity rumors plagued the Hollywood couple with numerous accusations The Ranch star cheated on the mother of three, especially toward the end of the marriage.

RadarOnline has a source who is sharing Moore has spent years collecting secrets that will "shock her readers." Although Kutcher reportedly is fully aware his ex is working on the book, he has no idea what she is going to put in it, and that is freaking him out.

"He knew better than anyone that this was in the works since Demi has talked about it forever. She was carrying a Dictaphone around with her when they were married, recording her thoughts and memories for this tell-all she dreamed about penning one day," the source shared with the website.

Neither Kutcher nor Moore has spoken publicly regarding their marriage or divorce. He has stayed close with Rumor Willis, Scout Willis, and Tallulah Willis but has distanced himself from his ex-wife.

Star magazine is adding to the rumor mill with a source who claims Kunis is also worried what about the book.

"Mila's obsessing over what Demi might divulge. Mila knew Ashton wasn't an angel when she married him, but no wife wants to hear that her husband was a lousy cheat to his ex," the unidentifiable source shared with the magazine.

Harper Collins subsidiary 4th Estate Books did recently announce Demi Moore's memoir Inside Out is set to be released this September , almost nine years after the book was first greenlit. The publisher has called the book, "deeply candid and insightful." They also confirmed the memoir will focus on her childhood, her not so great relationship with her mother, balancing family and career, as well as all three of her marriages.

Based on the publisher's description, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis could very well be worried about what dirty laundry of his will be aired. However, if the couple is freaking out, they are keeping it to themselves. Her rep assured Gossip Cop the Bad Moms star is not at all worried about Moore's book.

Fans will have wait until September to find out what and who Moore is spilling dirt about and what juicy Hollywood secrets she reveals.


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