Felony Arrest Warrant Issued For Offset After Phone Incident

Felony Arrest Warrant Issued For Offset After Phone Incident
Credit: Source: NBC Philadelphia

A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Offset after a phone incident left one man's phone damaged. According to reports, Offset (whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus) is wanted on one felony count of damage to property. The incident allegedly took place at a Sandy Springs, Georgia Target when 18-year-old Junior Gibbons was filming in the store. The report states that Offset slapped the phone out of the man's hand damaging it. Gibbons says it was an iPhone 8 with an estimated value of $800.

The alleged incident was caught on tape and was shared on Twitter where it went viral. According to Channel 2 Action News of Georgia, Gibbons allegedly handed over video from the incident quickly.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that police were called to the Target located at 5570 Roswell Road where they responded to Junior Gibbons' initial report.

You may see the video footage of what is being said to be Offset slapping the phone out of Junior Gibbons' hands and destroying it in the video player below. Offset's attorney says the warrant for his client's arrest is disgraceful.

Drew Findling, who represents Offset, released a statement and said the felony warrant against his client should be dismissed.

“Kiari Cephus is being exploited by the typical person looking for 15 minutes of fame and an extended payday. This incident, which took place as Mr. Cephus was simply trying to buy items for his youngest child, was not reported to police for 4 days. This so-called ‘Victim’ instead took to social media for an extended 15 minutes of fame. There has been absolutely no investigation and nothing has been shown to indicate Mr. Cephus is the cause of any damage to this person’s property. The felony warrant is disgraceful and should be dismissed immediately.”

You may see a report by TMZ regarding the alleged incident and the warrant issued for Offset below.

Offset has yet to turn himself in to authorities and it is unclear if he will. What do you think about this case? Do you think the charges against Offset are fair or do you agree with his attorney and think they are disgraceful?

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  • Rita
    Rita May 3, 2019 3:32 PM PDT

    I believe that Offset is totally in the wrong. Rather he broke the phone is a different issue, but it clearly shows him hitting the phone and it's falling.

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