April Love Geary Confirms She And Robin Thicke Are Expecting Their Third Baby

April Love Geary Confirms She And Robin Thicke Are Expecting Their Third Baby
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April Love Geary and Robin Thicke apparently have a third baby on the way, a report from People Magazine suggested today. This marks the third child for Geary and Thicke, but the fourth in total for the singe-songwriter.

This Sunday, April took to her social media to say she couldn't hang out because of the pandemic as well as her pregnancy. The model finished her post with, "we love consistency!" Reportedly, Thicke, 43, already has Lola Alain and Mia Love with April.

Robin also shares Julian Fuego with his ex-wife, Paula Patton. Fans of the couple know they got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2018, approximately 8 weeks before their daughter, Lola, was born.

Robin and Geary kicked off their relationship just a few months after he and Paula Patton had split in February 2014. In September, April and Robin celebrated their anniversary with a five-minute photo/video montage.

The montage featured footage from their last six years as a couple. The model celebrated their romance and touched on all of the experiences they had since the beginning, including a burned down house as well as two babies.

April went on to praise Robin for being the best at not only being a father, but also a cook and a lover. Geary wrote that Robin has loved her more than anyone else in her life.

Previously, April Love Geary has explored the many ups and downs that come with motherhood ever since she first had her baby in February 2018. April touched on the social media haters - including many who have put the couple on blast for the age-gap -  the postpartum baby, as well as breastfeeding.

Last year, April also voiced her support for a woman's right to choose, claiming how it was possible to be a parent but also a supporter of women's right to terminate their pregnancy.


This was around the same time that one state introduced potential laws against abortion, and Love stated it wasn't within one person's right to determine how another used their body.

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