Apollo Nida Back In Custody -- Sherien Almufti Wants Authorities To #FreeApollo

Apollo Nida Back In Custody -- Sherien Almufti Wants Authorities To #FreeApollo
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Apollo Nida was recently released to a halfway house after serving time in prison. Not even a few days later, news broke that he was taken back into custody for violating the rules of the house!

Fans were elated to know that Nida was a free man just in time to be a part of Phaedra Parks' storyline for her alleged return to Real Housewives of Atlanta. They even went as far to predict that Andy Cohen has been plotting to get his new fiance, Sherien Almufti, a spot on the Bravo series.

Unfortunately, that excitement turned into confusion when it was reported that the personal trainer was re-arrested for 'violating a technical condition of his release.' He is now listed as an inmate at a Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia.

Almufti took to social media to defend her man when she wrote a caption alongside a picture of the two of them that read: 'They can’t stop us babe!!! For those who are confused @apollonida03 didn’t violate a g****** thing. Another crime against a black man in the system. Jealously is a disease.'

She followed her post up with a Father's Day-inspired image and added a touching tribute that said: 'To the love of my life.... When I picked you up, the FIRST thing you wanted to do, was call your children. What a beautiful thing to witness, they were sooo happy to hear from you 🙌🏽❤️ Baby, it takes a certain type of man to be the father figure of a child that isn’t your own. I thank you for being the best daddy #princess ever had. One day they will all be in your arms and you will NEVER let go! 🙏🏽Happy Father’s Day ❤️❤️ #freeapollo #prayingforyoualways#continuetobestrong #family.'


It's unknown what exactly Apollo did that landed him back in the slammer merely nine days after his release; however, his rep claims that the father accepts full responsibility.

The statement from the 40-year-old's lawyer obtained by People Magazine read: 'On behalf of my client Apollo, right now he feels remorse. He thought the judge was fair, and accepts his sentence, although he was hoping it would be less. Apollo is elated that this proceeding is past him and is no longer handing over his head. It meant everything to him that his mother and brother spoke on his behalf. He’s okay, and will get through this.'

What do you think Apollo did to violate the terms of his release?


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