Anna Duggar Stuns Counting On Fans With Shocking Weight Loss In New Photos

Anna Duggar Stuns Counting On Fans With Shocking Weight Loss In New Photos
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Members of the Duggar family have a habit of making headlines with their social media activity. When the Counting Stars aren’t announcing engagements and pregnancies, they usually cause some kind of controversy with extremely unpopular posts (we’re looking at you Derick Dillard ) or they suffer some backlash from their parenting choices and bad recipes (now, we’re looking at you, Jill Duggar). But, when it comes to Anna Duggar, she only gets negative fan feedback when her husband Josh appears in her posts.

This week, Anna made headlines once again with a social media post, but it’s for all the right reasons. The 30-year-old recently posted a picture of herself with Jana Duggar and her bestie Laura DeMasie, and Anna shocked fans with her weight loss.

Anna was literally unrecognizable in the pic, and fans lost their minds.

"I thought that was a relative of Anna’s. Looks like her but also doesn’t," wrote one fan, and another added, "Anna is tall, and she looks different in this pic!"

A third wrote, "Why does this not look like Anna?! Haha!! She looks like a high schooler! Not a bad thing at all.”

In a surprising twist, not one troll popped up in the comments. Instead, fans started wondering how Anna lost so much weight so quickly after birthing five children. Apparently, she did it with one minor change.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, there is no magic diet or exercise program. Anna’s shocking weight loss is all because she started walking, and she gave fans a glimpse of her walking routine early last month when she shared that she had hit her February mileage goal.

Not only did she hit the 50-mile goal, she blew right past it. And, she kept it up with her “March Through March” plan.

There is no doubt Anna’s hard work is paying off. But there is no truth to the rumor that she is doing all of this to prepare for single life. Some fans speculated that Anna was preparing to leave Josh, and when the news broke that they were selling their home, it added fuel to the fire.

But, if Anna Duggar hasn’t left by now, it doesn’t look like she ever will.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year.


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