Alyssa Milano Discusses Her New Book - Reveals Its Goal Is To Inspire 'Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow'

Alyssa Milano Discusses Her New Book - Reveals Its Goal Is To Inspire 'Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow'
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The actress wants to inspire hope for the future with her new book and given the current situation in the world, it’s the perfect time! Alyssa Milano discussed her Hope: Project Animal Rescue book during a new interview on Daily Pop's Instagram Live and she revealed what inspired her to write it and more!

It’s no surprise that the book is meant to give people hope ‘for a brighter tomorrow!’ After all, it even has ‘hope’ in the title!

In addition to talking about the book, Alyssa also shared with her fans an update on what she and her loved ones have been doing to keep positive during the quarantine.

Milano revealed that this particular book which is her second volume is not the last one from her since there is a third in the series meant to be released this upcoming fall!

During the video chat, the actress dished that ‘Really, I wanted to write a series about kids in middle school and just giving them the tools to change the world and make a difference and find their voice...but also to go through every single element young people go through when discovering who they are and what they believe in.’

According to her, these tools are fundraising, volunteering, as well as ‘all of those things I think are so vital in a society that we have kind of lost track of.’

As for what inspired the series of books, the proud mom revealed that her own kids did!

Furthermore, it was also something that she was able to see in any child she has ever met, which is ‘an innate ability, no matter what is going on around them, to hope for a brighter tomorrow.’

Speaking of, the world has been dealing with a scary pandemic and Milano admitted she is still unsure how to approach the topic with her young ones,

‘I don't know how much of the truth to tell them. I don't know how much to shelter them from the truth.’

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