Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Keeping The Pregnant Singer Healthy While In Quarantine - Here's How!

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Keeping The Pregnant Singer Healthy While In Quarantine - Here's How!
Credit: Source: elle.com

Katy Perry's pregnant with her very first child in the middle of a scary and dangerous global pandemic so it makes sense if she is at least a little worried during this time in quarantine. The singer and her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl due sometime this upcoming summer.

So how are they making sure that they and their yet unborn infant are staying safe during the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic?

One source close to the couple shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Orlando is really putting Katy at ease during the pregnancy as she knows he can and does answer all her questions about it but also loves he's letting her experience everything on how it all comes about. Orlando isn't in any way treating it like he's a know it all because he's a father already, he's putting all the focus on whatever Katy needs and wants and they're enjoying the process and are without a doubt monitoring Corona but that is not getting them anxious.’

The insider went on to add that ‘They are enjoying the whole pregnancy and not putting any negative thoughts to it all,’ while another dished that ‘Katy isn’t due until this summer and she’s hoping that by then things will have improved. Of course it’s a worry but she’s really working hard to stay positive and not stress out about things she can’t control.’

The second insider also dished that the singer has been making sure to get the best nutrition in order to keep her immune system working to its best capacity.

Furthermore, she is apparently exercising frequently at home while in quarantine, doing yoga with Orlando and also going on walks with him.

All of that has really helped her keep positive and keep the anxiety to a minimum.

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