Alex Fine Is Dating Cassie And Their Unapologetic Lovey-Dovey Beach Pictures Will Anger P. Diddy

Alex Fine Is Dating Cassie And Their Unapologetic Lovey-Dovey Beach Pictures Will Anger P. Diddy
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Cassie and Alex Fine have confirmed to the world that they are indeed dating and in love with a series of sweet pictures on social media.

Cassie has decided to live her life unapologetically after ending her decade-long romance with music mogul P. Diddy. Cassie announced the romantic relationship with one photo where she is kissing Alex.

Alex also posted a photo where he is on vacation with Cassie. Meanwhile Diddy is still telling his ex-girlfriend he loves her.

One fan said: "Like I said you’re a prick it’s not supposed to make sense to you. Ppl can’t help their feelings. Men know most of us to want love, commitment & marriage but they still believe in wasting our time. Yes, HIS fault. Now, look at puff clown ass acting like he a widower over a female that was NEVER his wife. He’s a clown that wastes woman’s time. I’m just GLAD Cassie moved on and FAST."

This supporter wrote: "I heard she was messing with him around the time he and Kim were together, I didn’t believe it at first but supposedly they’ve been together for 11 years and his twins just turned 12, sooo.I'm not mad at her for getting them coins Shiiiiid!!!!! All I'm saying is all this PITY is stupid. They both had a plan, that's why she left Ryan Leslie... She's more than a lost 1 hit wonder now. I bet you she was smart enough to nest some of that billionaire's coins back. Ten years with Diddy and no ring yeah she gots a few of them coins?."

This person stated: "Why is everyone (mostly women, keep it real) saying Diddy strung her along? I'm sorry, is she a dog, did he create her in a lab, does he have Almighty power and dominion over her? Could she not leave whenever she wanted? Was she his slave? This speaks more to her weakness and unwillingness to leave than for him stringing her along. I'm not happy with someone; I'm gone, pure and simple. She could've left him YEARS ago. But everyone is "happy" for her now? Give me a fucking break."

Cassie is starting the new year with a bang.

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