Abby Lee Miller Is Back To Her Screaming Old Ways In New Dance Moms Trailer

Abby Lee Miller Is Back To Her Screaming Old Ways In New Dance Moms Trailer
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Abby Lee Miller is back with another dramatic season of Dance Moms . Following her stint in prison for fraud, Miller is back to her old shouting ways in a brand new trailer for the upcoming season — and she has harsh advice for her students about the realities of life.

"As a dancer, you put your heart out there every day," Miller shared in the trailer. "Somebody is going to stab it."

According to Radar Online , Miller was sent to prison for committing bankruptcy fraud and is now pulling 12-hour shifts at her dance studio. Miller is also coming off her near-death fight with cancer, which did not dampened her spirits. In fact, Miller had some inspiring words for her kiddos about working hard for the things they want in life.

"I fought hard to be here," she stated. "You have to fight to be a champion."

Although Miller had some heartfelt words for her students, she also fell back on her old screaming tactics. The Dance Moms star is shown yelling at several of her students for crying because she kicked them out of her studio.

At one point in the trailer, several of the moms start arguing with each other. This prompted a scolding from Miller, who was left wheelchair-bound after her cancer battle.

Miller, of course, is no stranger to criticisms about how she runs her classes. Based on the new trailer, she clearly isn't bothered by the backlash and is determined to do whatever her heart desires.

When it comes to her prison sentence, Miller recently offered some advice to Felicity Huffman about how to deal with life behind bars. Huffman is facing some prison time for her involvement in the college admissions scandal, and Miller told her not to be afraid other inmates, whom she described as being some of the kindest people she has ever met.

Instead, Abby Lee Miller cautioned her about interacting with guards, who were not so respectful to her when she was in prison.


The new season of Dance Moms premieres June 4 on Lifetime.

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