Zonnique Pullins Shares Neon Vibes In Her Latest Pics

Zonnique Pullins Shares Neon Vibes In Her Latest Pics
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Zonnique Pullins is living her best life these days on a vacay. She shared some new pics in which she's flaunting an older outfit, but fans don't care, and they are here for her look.

Here are Tiny Harris' daughter's latest photos that she shared on her social media account.

'repeat outfit but make it summer,' Zonnique captioned her post which includes more pics. In the photos, Zonnique is wearing a neon top and jean shorts.

Tiny commented: 'Why u ain’t on no beach, in your bath suits.. get yo butt in the water hunny😘💙'

A fan said: 'These pics are gorgeous per usual and I don’t interrupt your vacay, but uhmmm *clears throat** where is Love Jones 2?! I need more‼️ 😫😭'

Somoene else wrote: 'who cares if it’s a repeat, you killed it twice😍 who buys clothes just to wear once anyway! you look good💚'

Another person said: '@majorgirl I love how you are with your daughter I have a certain soft spot for yall.... 😍😍😘💯.... ooooh yes Nique you cute as always'

Someone else posted: '@zonniquejailee wish I could get you in some @sistashades_ 🤩😩 you always got shades on you should check us out.'

A follower posted this: 'Girl nothing wrong with a repeat outfit, We have washing machines...ppl are crazy 😅 @zonniquejailee.'

Zonnique has recently shown off her thigh tattoo in these mind-blowing pics. She’s somewhere by a pool, and she’s looking amazing.

Also, fans can see her tattoo, and they cannot stop praising her in the comments.

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