Wendy Williams Makes A Shocking Claim About Taking Off Her Wig

Wendy Williams Makes A Shocking Claim About Taking Off Her Wig
Credit: BET

Wendy Williams was invited at Hollywood Unlocked, and she made some pretty shocking claims. These involve her love life and her wigs as well.

Check out the video shared by The Shade Room below.

Wendy said that she has to go on a date with someone 30 times before she takes off the wig in front of that man.

Someone said: 'Why y’all be so pressed about our wigs damn. You act like your mama /grandmama/ aunty ain’t have none. You see my real hair when I want you see. We don’t ask about your man size before we sleep with you. We get surprised too.'

Another follower wrote: 'She said, “I go on roller coasters with this wig” 😂😂😂.'

A person said: 'Man nobody has 30 dates money so y’all regular chicks better not get any ideas.'

One follower posted: 'She has long hair...it’s just thin...she gave her after show family a glimpse a few years ago.'

A person said that 'I’ve just realized I never seen wendy without a wig lmao.'

Someone else said: 'Lol Wendy needs to give a tutorial on how the rest of y’all wig wearers can secure your wigs. You know some of y’all gotta hold onto your helmets if the wind blows.'

In other news, during a new interview, the talk show host confessed that t he baby Hunter Sr. had while still married to her is a baby girl .

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